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Luca, Italy.

I really liked this days. All the people at the school are very friendly and very available to do everything that you need. I am always full of doubts and questions but there is no one who does not answer me. Valencia is a very good city where to live, and I will surely advise everyone who wants to start studying Spanish. Thanks for making this experience special. See you again this summer.

Bas, Netherlands

Taronja is the best school in Valencia! It has enthusiastic and funny teachers, many cultural activites and for this reason you can meet other students and practice your Spanish along the whole week. During these two months I’ve learned a lot of Spanish and when I’ll come back again, I’m going to learn Spanish in Taronja for sure! Thank you very much!


ALESSIO BERGAMIN, SARA BROTTO, NICOLA GRAZIOTTO, MATTIA PERTINI During this week we have eaten well at the hosting families too. The school is good, the teachers are experienced. We have done many interesting activities and we have been able to learn a lot about some tipic things. We have seen the Crida and the first Mazcleta of the year which was a great experience. We didn’t have problems and liked it very much. We’d like to come back because it’s a good city. During the night there are many locals and pubs for young people. We have improved in our spanish as well. We can have fun in the weekend and it’s a city for the young.   FEDERICA, MARTINA S., LAURA M., GIULIA S., SARA M., ANNA, CHIARA T., DEBORAH, GIULIA B., MARTINA B. Hello, we are a group of students from the last course and we’ve been here for a week in order to improve our spanish. This week has been full of activities, like visiting the Fallero Museum, IVAM, Belles Artes. The best ones have been the Oceanographic where we’ve seen a show with dolphins, and some activists from Greeen Peace jumping on the water to protest. On sunday we went to teh beach by bicycle and it was amazing because we sang a lot. All of the hosting families have been really caring and we ate really well Our time at school has been funny because the activities were really interesting and have let us improve the language. The teachers as well have been good and funny. The beer is cheap! Can’t wait to come back to Valencia another time.   GIORGIA, ILARIA, ALICE, CHIARA, LAURA It has been a beautiful week in Valencia, we don’t want to come back to Italy anymore. We have visited many things of the city like the Ciudad de las artes y de las ciencias, the Fallero Museum and the beach. The families who hosted us were helpful funny and we ate very well. Taronja School helped us to talk better in spanish. The teachers Victor, Teresa have teached us with joy and entertainment with different activities.

Grupo San Petersburgo, Rusia

Hello! We are students from Russia. We were really impressed by this journey. We visited a lot of interesting places. For example, the city of arts and sciences, the beach of Valencia, shopping halls, we went by bike in the river Turia, we went on the Miguilette and on Torres de Serano. We were really lucky because we could see the biggest party: Las Fallas! We saw things that we haven’t seen in our life yet, how they burn all the dolls and the beautiful fireworks. We like to thank our Spanish and Russian teachers because they gave us the opportunity to have a wonderful time here in the atmosphere of a beautiful city!

Norwich, Inglaterra

Maisie, Rory, Natalia, Juliet:

¨In Valencia, we liked the things that we did. Also, we like the food in the restaurants, for example the paella at the beach and the tapas. The Oceonographic was great because it was fun and interesting.

In Valencia, there is good weather and there is  a lot of sun, but it rained yesterday. Later, we went to the cinema which was great. Valencia is very beautiful and big. It is never boring. ¨


Ollie, Will, Oliver, Conall:

¨Valencia is a beautiful city. We like: the bike ride, playing at the beach, Oceonographic, and Zorbing, the food was great, the hold houses and the graffiti. The weather was great and it was hot. The families were kind and fun. We loved our classes and teachers. The market with interesting and moving. In the Oceonographic, there were many fish and sharks. Finally, we find Valencia interesting, beautiful and old. But we love Valencia.¨

plaza de la virgen

Tom: ¨A fantastic experience¨

John: ¨A fenomenal experience¨

George: ¨Taronja was a fun and great experience¨

James: ¨An excellent experience¨

Louis: ¨I was great. Josevi and Victor were very kind. ¨

Steven: ¨Taronja was fenomenal¨

Nieve: ¨It was an inforgettable experience. Thank you!¨

Molly: ¨Thank you for a fantastic experience¨

Ella: ¨A fenomenal and fun experience, thank you.¨

Tega: ¨A fun experience, I had a great time!¨

Joe: ¨A very fun experience¨

Northbridge House, Inglaterra

Tristan: ¨I liked Taronja because the teachers were kind and welcoming.¨   Lind: ¨I love Taronja because the school is beautiful and the teachers are very kind and great.¨   Ryan: ¨I love Taronja due to it´s familiar atmosphere and the beautiful girls and boys.¨   Freddie: ¨I love Taronja because everyone has kind souls.¨   Akir: ¨I love Taronja because the teachers are fun and kind.¨   Apartments-for-sale-Valencia-Spain6     Sam, Ollie, Peter, Ben, Rada, Lukia, Bryan, Caidin:   Hi! We are students from Northbridge House, and we stayed in local families in Valencia for one week. Our first activity was in the central plaza, eating churros and drinking horchata, it was delicious. Lastly, on behalf of the students and the teachers, we would say that it was an unforgettable experience.     VALEn       Sepehr: ¨I loved the graffiti in the streets because it is interesting.¨   Conor: ¨I loved visiting the oceonographic because it is fun and also I loved visiting the beach because we played football with the teachers.¨   Phoebe: ¨I liked visiting the oceonographic because it was very interesting and I love dolphins. I also love the beach, it was very fun and relaxing. Finally, I loved the whole experience.¨   Gabby: ¨I enjoyed visiting the beach because it was hoy and also I like to go shopping because it is cheaper than in London. However, I missed my family and friends in London.¨   Miles: ¨I liked the beach with my friends because it is hot and it is sunny, I love it because in England it is cold and cloudy.¨  

Barbara, Austria

¡Me lo pasé bien! Durante mi tiempo en Valencia aprendí un montón de cosas nuevas. No  solo mejoré mi español, sino también aprendí mucho sobre España y la cultura de ese país. Conocí a muchas personas super amables de todo el mundo y tuve clases con profesores muy buenos. También vivir con estudiantes de la escuela fue una experiencia enriquecedora. Me encanta España y me gustaría volver tan pronto como sea posible.

Vera, Holanda

I like Taronja School a lot. 2 weeks ago I found myself with teachers that are very friendly, enthusiastic, energetic, kind and always help. They never ask for more. I also like the activities. They are fun, different and there is something for everyone . I am 44 years old, but this wasn´t a problem. The classes are small, the atmosphere was great and not all of the students are 20-25 years old. I heard that Taronja is not in other cities. Studying with Taronja and living in a city like Valencia is a great way to get to know the Spanish life, the city, an Spanish naturally. It was a great experience and I recommend it to everyone!    

Annika, Austria

Hello! My 2 weeks at Taronja have already finished. The experience was marvelous. I had a great time in the school and in Valencia. The teachers are fantastic, very friendly and competent. I learnt a lot of things and my Spanish improved. I got to know many fantastic people in Taronja. I love the city of Valencia because there is a lot of atmosphere and the teachers are very, very, welcoming, in particular my host family. With the school we did many fun activities. Overall, everything was perfect. Thank you very much!

Annika, Austria

¡Hola!  Ya han terminado dos semanas en Taronja. La experiencia fue maravillosa. Pasé un tiempo muy bueno en la escuela  y en Valencia. Los profesores son fantásticos, muy simpáticos y competentes. He aprendido muchas cosas y mi español se ha mejorado. Conocí a mucha gente fantástica en Taronja. Me encanta la  ciudad de Valencia porque hay mucho ambiente y las profesores son muy, muy bienvenidas, en particular mi familia anfitriona. Con la escuela hice muchas actividades divertidas. Entonces, todo perfecto. ¡Muchas gracias!

Jacqueline Diana, Italia

I found Taronja through my Spanish teacher. She told me that it would be fenomenal, but I didn´t think that it would be as fenomenal! Taronja isn´t only a school, it´s also an opportunity for your present and a resource for your future. In Taronja, you have the opportunity to compare the culture of your home country with that of Spain, to learn about art, music, cooking, and the society. In Taronja, you don´t only study, but you live! You will get know friends from all over the world with whom you share a passion for the Spanish langauge. I reccommend an experience in Taronja to everyone; Speaking Spanish has never been as fun for me!