Norwich, Inglaterra

Maisie, Rory, Natalia, Juliet:

¨In Valencia, we liked the things that we did. Also, we like the food in the restaurants, for example the paella at the beach and the tapas. The Oceonographic was great because it was fun and interesting.

In Valencia, there is good weather and there is  a lot of sun, but it rained yesterday. Later, we went to the cinema which was great. Valencia is very beautiful and big. It is never boring. ¨


Ollie, Will, Oliver, Conall:

¨Valencia is a beautiful city. We like: the bike ride, playing at the beach, Oceonographic, and Zorbing, the food was great, the hold houses and the graffiti. The weather was great and it was hot. The families were kind and fun. We loved our classes and teachers. The market with interesting and moving. In the Oceonographic, there were many fish and sharks. Finally, we find Valencia interesting, beautiful and old. But we love Valencia.¨

plaza de la virgen

Tom: ¨A fantastic experience¨

John: ¨A fenomenal experience¨

George: ¨Taronja was a fun and great experience¨

James: ¨An excellent experience¨

Louis: ¨I was great. Josevi and Victor were very kind. ¨

Steven: ¨Taronja was fenomenal¨

Nieve: ¨It was an inforgettable experience. Thank you!¨

Molly: ¨Thank you for a fantastic experience¨

Ella: ¨A fenomenal and fun experience, thank you.¨

Tega: ¨A fun experience, I had a great time!¨

Joe: ¨A very fun experience¨

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