Valencia is a beautiful city and Taronja is really funny!

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Hey everybody around the world! On the 23rd of February we arrived in Valencia and it’s a very nice city. It’s a city full of history but it’s also a modern city. The people here are very open and sympathetic and always helpful. On the first day we went to the beach and saw the port but it was a little bit windy. On the second day we visited the historic center of the city, had a Horchata and in the evening we had paella with seafood and vegetables. On the third day we went to the Mercado Central and in the afternoon we had a cooking class with the hilarious Chef Nando. On the fourth day we took a trip to see the modern part of the city and the Fallas Museum. On the last day we visited the Oceanografic Museum. We really loved our stay here and Spain is very beautiful. We can’t wait to return. See you soon! Name: Maria, Silvia, Martina, Francesca Country: Italia During our stay in Valencia we visited the most important places in Valencia, like for example the Plaza de Toros, the Estacion de Norte, the cathedral, the Plaza Redonda, the Plaza del Ayuntamiento and the City of Arts and Sciences. Today we went to see the Oceanografic Museum. We really liked Valencia because it’s a much bigger city than the village we come from, so here you can find a lot more shops! The people here are very friendly, open-minded and the food is as tasty as is in Italy. For example, we loved the paella, especially the one with seafood. We also loved the beaches. We had an awesome week and we can only recommend Valencia to everybody! Thanks for all! Goodbye! Name: Beatrice, Sara, Alessia, Erica Country: Italia Valencia is a phantastic city; very clean, with a cosmopolitan flair and full of sympathetic people. There are a lot of ancient and architectonically interesting buildings. But there’s not only history but also the beaches, the food, restaurants and a lot of shops. On Monday we went to see the beach because the weather was awesome. On Tuesday we went to see the historic center of Valencia which was very interesting. On Wednesday we went to the Mercado Central which is a place full of fresh and delicious food. On Thursday we visited the Fallas Museum, which is something very typical of Valencia. Today is our last day in Valencia and we are quite sad because life in Valencia is very different from life in Italy. Taronja School is very funny, the teachers are excellent and that’s why the classes never got boring. Thanks a lot to Victor and Lucia for everything! VIVA VALENCIA! Name: Ambrosino,  Bionda, Zaroli Country: Italia Hi! We are Roberto, Manuel, Beatrice and Giulia and we are from Italy. We’ve been here for a week to study and improve our Spanish. Valencia is a fa-bu-lous city and we’ve seen every bit of it! The activities are very funny and one can learn a lot. The school is pretty and the teachers are hilarious. We want to return to Valencia again! We really liked the beach and cooking Paella with Chef Nando ( especially the shrimps for Beatrice) We’d really like to live here because the Spanish are more open than the Italians and Valencia is a cosmopolitan city with a lot of shops. Hugs and kisses Name: Giulia, Roberto, Manuel, Beatrice Country: Italia Our names are Martina, Alessia, Stefania and Luca and we’re from Italy. We really liked Valencia and Taronja School. The courses there were a lot of fun and the teachers are very sympathetic. This week we visited the Plaza de Toros, the Estación del Norte, the Plaza del Ayuntamiento, the Teatro Principal, the Plaza Redonda, the Fallas Museum and the Cathedral. Today we’re going to see the Oceanografic Museum and yesterday we saw the City of Arts and Sciences. The families here were very friendly, nice, helpful and polite. We don’t want to return home because life here is fun! Hugs and Kisses Name: Alessia, Martina, Stefania, Luca Country: Italia Hi! We are Arianna, Paulina and Rebecca and we’re from Italy. We’ve been here in Valencia for a week to study Spanish and we’ve had a great time! Taronja Schoolö is very nice and the activities are hilarious. The teachers are nice and friendly. What we liked most was walking through the streets to interview the people passing by and doing the theater in the end. Valencia is very pretty and so are the candy-shops! 🙂 We’ve seen the most important monuments of the city and we really liked the beach. We want to come back! Thanks to all for this splendid week! Name: Arianna, Paulina, Rebecca Country: Italia

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