There are no words which could discribe how much i liked the whole experience here.»Taronja» is a school with maniacs, from the teachers to the students and empoyers… but it’s a great type of crayzness which you can’t see in other places like this : It’s a positive crazyness, which always makes you laugh and smile. I will always keep the teachers, which i had in class, and the ones, who shared their time between a lot of books with me, in my heart. A huge thank you to all the persons who teached me the language and many other things. And of course the city… the fantastic and beautiful city where it never gets cold ( well almost never ) and i’m really in love with. And thanks to the persons who offered me get to know all these special friends here. Every person in general who was here, not important if it was a student, a worker or any other person, they never leave completely. They always leave a little part of them at the school and the school always has a open door for everyone. At the end i’m really thankfull for everyone who took part in the school; the two Martas ( the blonde one and the the one with the red hair ), the chef Nando, Maxi, Miguel 🙂 It’s amazing to think back at this 3 months. I will miss everyone sooooooo bad !! In every way, as i always say and think, this isn’t a «Bye» but it’s a honestly ment «See you soon» 🙂 CIAO TARONJA!!!!! Laura from Italy

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