Liceum Ogólnokształcące, Polonia

Our stay in Valencia was unforgettable. Taronja is recomendable and very modern. All the teachers are young, successful and useful. We know a lot more after studying in Taronja. We had a very agreeable time here. Except studying, we visited a lot of things. Above all, the old city, aquarium and Fallero museum. The best day was when we went to the beach to sun bathe.

Niktoria and Pola

Valencia is very pretty. We like the aquarium and gardens a lot. Our host families were also very  happy and agreeable. We love the food the families prepared. We like the beach but we did not go there many times. The weather was not good because there was a storm for two days. Dispite time, we liked the excursions.

Asia and Paulina

I like the architecture of Valencia a lot, I think that it is very pretty. I love the school Taronja. We have studied a lot more than in Poland. Now I like Spanish a lot more. The climate and culture are very interesting.

Kinga, Kinga and Julia

We think that Valencia is very pretty and ancient. The city is also entertaining as there a lots of bars and restaurants. The school Taronja is well organised and the teachers are sound types and amicable. The house is comfortable and nice. There is a lot of food, tasty and abundant. We would like to return to Valencia in the future.

Agata and Kornelia

The city is very pretty and ancient. El Carmen is our favourite neighbourhood. The families are very agreeable and sweet. The teachers (especially Viktorie) are maravelous. The socio-cultural activities are very nice. We like the school Taronja.

Agata and Magda

Valencia is very pretty and hot. Our favourite neighbourhood is El Carmen because it´s very alternative and artistic. The Valencians greet us, all are helpful and are happy. The teachers at Taronja are very fun. We are going to go out in Gdansk satisfied and with a smile.

Julia, Paulina and Saundra

As to Valencia, it´s a very varied and pretty city. On the one hand, there are very old buildings, traditional and with marvelous decoration. On the other, you can see very modern buildings of glass and metal. Taronja taught us lots of things, the majority very useful which were usable in this trip. Thank you to all! Long live chef Nando!

Zuzia y Martie

Valencia is very pretty, interesting and is full of monuments and pretty buildings. The people are very friendly and open. We love the classes because they are different and more interesting that the ones in our school in Poland. The teachers are fun and nice. Everything about the school we like very much. We are in love with the city and we want to return to Valencia in the future.

Olga, Isabela, Susana, Paulina and Margarita.

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