Grupo Gadda Rosselli, Italy

  Gaia, Luana, Greta, Giorgia: Hello! We are Italians from «Gadda Rosselli». We went to Valencia for a week and we liked it a lot. First of all because of the funny clases and second because of the activities out of the school. We have visited the old part of the city, the central market, we have cooked a very nice paella and we have made graffiti and also we have danced salsa. The weather wasn’t the best because it rained but we have passed good with the families and our friends. Kabir: The teachers are nice and the clases are funny and interesting. Andreas: We have learned new words and how to improve the language. Paolo: We have learned a lot during the clases in a funny way, laughing a lot. The activities were funny. We have liked it a lot. Alessia: My experience in Taronja School is been very funny. ¡I have liked it a lot! The teachers are really nice and the activities are very interesting. Andrea: I have liked Taronja School a lot because the teachers are nice and the activities were very funny but my favorite activities are the activities where we went ons the street to ask thing at young, Spanish people to improve our learning of the language. Hello! We are Giorgia, Grazana, Marina y Paola and we are Italian students and today we like to tell about our week in Valencia. Our experience was very positive and useful to improve our Spanish. We did a lot of activities and as well we participated with the clases where they kept asking questions so we were always speaking in Spanish. Our families are lovely and friendly. During dinner they asked about our lives in Italy, the habits and what we want to do when we get older. the food was very tasty and delicious. With the school we made typical dishes like: tapas, paella, Fideua an gazpacho. One night we had salsa clases and that was the perfect ending for this beautiful experience. Sara: I have liked Valencia because it’s an active city although the weather didn’t help. Alexia: Valencia is a pleasing and interesting city split in two parts: the old part which is very tradicional and where you can eat something typical and the new part which is very modern and where we can go for shopping. Matteo: I have liked the salsa lesson and the tapas. Laura: Valencia is a city that i’ve loved a lot and it’s a city where you can party. I’ve seen San Vicente and I’ve liked it a lot and it went really well. Véronica: I’ve liked Valencia very much  because it’s and interesting city and also lovely. I’ve liked the monuments and the old part of the city. Hello! We are an Italian group with students of the school «Gadda Rosselló» and we can say that our experience in Taronja School and in Valencia was wonderful and full of interesting and fantastic activities. The teachers from the school were young and friendly and they showed us the beauty of the city of Valencia. The families were available and welcoming and made us thankful for the Spanish food. Sure we will come back to Valencia! Hello! This week has been wonderful. We visited a lot of interesting places like: the North station which was very original, the church of San Nicolas which was awesome, the central market which was very different in comparison with other markets, the fish market which was very big and in general the city of Valencia what us left with our mouth open. Also a thank you to the friendly people. We did very funny activities like how to make graffiti, asking to people about the city and its traditions, making up a country, dancing salsa, having a cooking class, doing group games and a lot more also a thank you to the teachers. In conclusion we can say that this week has  been unforgettable. This week has been wonderful, funny and it made us improve our Spanish. The teachers have been very friendly and the clases interesting because the temes we discussed about have been attractive, the school is original and colorful which we have liked a lot.  The activity we liked the most has been the one with the graffiti because it’s something for youth. During some projects we had to speak with people from the street: most of the people, in particular young people have been very friendly and able to help us while some older people have been angry and nervous. With the weather we haven’t had luck: it rained the first few days so that’s why we couldn’t enjoy the city at its fullest. In conclusion the trip to Valencia has been special and we would like to do it another time: we recommend it to who wants to have fun and learn the language.

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