At the end of the week it was easy to understand why our professor suggested this trip because for me it has been an unforgettable experience. To see las fallas for the first time was clear that «la noche de la crema» will be the best one, that doesn’t mean that the other activities weren’t good. I like Valencia. I like the lessons, I love las fallas. I hate english breakfast. We would never thought we would have taken advantage of lessons but after spending time at the school with Angel I hope they can come to our school. They’ll meet me talking more spanish than now. I’m coming back for my sabbathic year because of this trip, and I recommend it to anyone who wants to learn and improve his english. In my opinion it’s interesting that teachers use iPads to teach, it works well with no doubts. Plus, we have liked the philosophical lessons too, where we had to discuss on deeper topics, like the question: What’s more important: love or happiness? which started a revolution. Plus, we have improved our spanish level with no doubt.    

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